iOS, tvOS, HomePod and iPadOS 15.4 are out

I installed 15.4 on my iPhone, AppleTVs and HomePod, and HomeKit seems to be working fine. If anything, my automations using HomeKit Shortcuts seem a bit snappier.

If you have any problems after updating, your first action should be rebooting the whole chain (router, hubs and bridges). I’ve also heard of problems when using hubs with different versions, meaning leaving some hubs on older versions.

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    1. That is weird. I just tried creating one, and it worked without a problem. I haven’t had any problems with it since 15.1.

        1. But that would be super weird if the issue is brand related, considering the fact that it was persistent in all brands before.

  1. Stefan,
    I finally came across the “Convert To Shortcut” option in Automations. I’m not sure how I missed it for the past few years.

    I have many, very complex automations that I have created using Home+. But at times I need a Logical AND in conjunction with OR, so with Home+ that means creating multiple automations for similar tasks.

    Anyway, I created a single automation using “Convert to Shortcut” and it seems to be quite a bit slower than using the Home+ automations. Have you noticed this?

    At first I thought it was the complexity of the automation but I also used Convert to Shortcut with an Aqara Button that is a simple If light on, turn off, and this is also slower than the Home+ response time.

    I really want to use the Convert To Shortcut but it seems like Apple would need to optimize it in someway.

    Anyhow, thanks for all your in depth Tips.

    1. I think there was a noticeable difference in shortcut execution time with the update to iOS 15. It also seems like execution time has become less consistent, sometimes it works instantly, and sometimes it takes quite a few seconds. I’m still hoping this we’ll get fixed in an update.

    2. I also noticed this currently in iOS 15.7. Because of it I’m forced to use Shortcuts sparingly for areas where I value the flexibility a Shortcut-led automation offers more versus how quick the automation executes. Apart from that HomeKit in iOS 15.7 has been treating me well, but it would be nice if this issue gets fixed in a future update. It makes me wonder if this issue is fixed in iOS 16.

      1. It seems to me like the execution time for shortcuts is about the same in iOS 16 as it was in iOS 15. There’s still some inconsistency. A larger problem right now with iOS 16 is a bug where the automation trigger “An Accessory is Controlled” doesn’t work very well.

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