The iOS 16.1 update fixes the Weather function bug

After updating my iPhone to iOS 16.1, the AppleTV to tvOS 16.1 and the HomePod Mini to HomePod Software version 16.1, I was able to get the Current Weather and Weather Forecast functions to work in HomeKit automation shortcuts.

However, just updating the software wasn’t enough. I had to delete and recreate the automations to get them working again. Screenshotting the shortcuts before deleting them is advised if you’ve got custom automations 😉

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  1. I can confirm that my weather custom automation shortcut works in 16.1 by following the above: delete automation then re-create it.

  2. After updating everything to 16.1 and my Mac computers to Ventura, I found what looks like a new bug. When I create a new automation and create a shortcut for the action, the “if” function is broken and can not use it. This only happens on the Mac computers. I can still use the if in shortcuts in my phone.

    Can anyone recreate and confirm this?

    1. Sorry for the delay, I hadn’t updated the computers to Ventura yet. I updated the MBA just to check, and yes you are correct. The conditional (if-statement) is broken in the Home app when creating a new shortcut.

    2. Today I upgraded IOS to 16.3 and MACOS to Ventura 13.2.

      Home (MacOS) Version 7.0 (696.
      Home (IOS) version unknown, probably latest.

      Still can’t write new “if” statements. Is the same happening to you too?

  3. Another bug? sigh. I setup an automation for my wife (resident) when she arrives after sunset to turn on an entrance light for 10mns. The automation never triggers and on her phone it shows the duration set to “never”. I’ve deleted, recreated the automation, rebooted both phones, also removed her from Home but nothing works. Any suggestions ?

    1. The automations triggered by leaving and arriving home have been working for us, even though it might be a bit wonky sometimes. Have you tried turning location services (in the Home app on her phone) off, and then back on?

      1. Thanks for the tip, surprisingly that setting (S1) isn’t there on her phone. It’s on my iPhone. I doubt it has to do with home owner vs home resident, as location services is required to trigger geo based automation. This issue surfaced but for homepod users at some iOS version (15).

        I’ll ask to have the following checked.

        S1: Home app -> Top right … -> Home Settings -> scroll bottom -> Location Services
        S2: Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Location Services -> Home
        S3: Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Location Services -> Share My Location

        1. It’s really weird that the setting is missing. I would think that if the S2 or S3 is off, that S1 should still be visible but grayed out.

          1. I got a screenshot but can’t share here but I’ll check further all the other settings again. Thanks for your continued support 🙂

  4. HomeKit advanced Shortcut Automation performance has improved significantly in 16.2. A simple If On > Turn Off; Else > Turn On now only takes a second, whereas it took several seconds previously.

    1. That’s great! I’ve updated all the HomeKit hubs today, but I’ll probably wait to update to the new HomeKit architecture until the holidays. My wife’s computers are still running Monterey.

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