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Hue Dimmer Switch: Make a button toggle between different predetermined levels of brightness

Do more with the Hue Dimmer Switch (or any switch) in HomeKit!

This is the second of many tips about how you can get more out of your Hue Dimmer Switch. I’m going to talk about the Hue Dimmer Switch, but this is true for any HomeKit compatible light switch. If you can set it up in HomeKit, you should be able to do this.


At this point it’s important to understand that for this to work, you need to choose to configure it in the Apple Home app when you pair your Hue Dimmer Switch in the Hue app. If you’ve already configured it in the Hue app, you can always change that later. If the Hue Dimmer Switch is configured in both the Hue App and the Apple Home app, it will not work properly.

For more in-depth explanations, please check the first Do more with the Hue Dimmer Switch (or any switch) in HomeKit post.

In the entrance of our home, we’ve got a Hue Dimmer Switch with a button dedicated to toggle the hallway lights between 3 difference levels of brightness and off. If the lights are off, the lights will go to 95% with the first press, 50% on the second, 2% on the third, and finally off again on the fourth press.

We’ve got three Hue GU10 bulbs in the Hallway (named Hall spot 1, Hall spot 2 and Hall spot 3) under the group name Ceiling Lamps. When you’re using the If statement to check brightness, you have to do that for a single bulb, but you can control them as a group (that’s why the difference names in the If statement and the Set action in the picture).

By using several If statements, we are able to make one button toggle between different levels of brightness. You are of course not limited to three different levels of brightness, or a single lamp or group of lights. If you want to control more than one group of lights, you’ll just add more Set actions.


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