The Smart Home

Smart appliances can be great fun, and even useful in many cases. Automating lamps and smart appliances can save you money on energy, as well as making the home a bit more comfortable. But setting everything up can be a hassle. And to get more out of your smart gadgets, you need to take some time to learn how it all works.

This is a site about Apple’s HomeKit, which is the smart home platform for the Apple ecosystem. With Apple’s HomeKit you can use gadgets and appliances from many different brand, and still control and automate them from one single place, as long as they are HomeKit compatible.


Smart appliances are great, but you don’t always want to tell Siri, or get your phone out to turn a light on or off. Sometimes the most comfortable way to control your smart appliances is by using programmable remotes or switches, motion control sensors, as well as automation. And if you’re not living alone, this could be a deal breaker. Smart appliances are supposed to make things easier, not harder. And things you do many times every day have to be super simple and convenient.

I’ll be posting tips on how to use the things you already have (and things you might want to get), and how to get the most out of them. There will be everything from very simple to more advanced HomeKit shortcuts, if you haven’t made your first HomeKit shortcut yet, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it quickly, and think about smart home automations that can help in your home.


2 thoughts on “The Smart Home”

  1. Thank you for creating this blog!
    I was looking into how I could control my Hue lights, and didn’t realize the tools were built right into HomeKit! Your time of day + sunrise shortcut is almost exactly what I wanted as a first project.
    I’m a web developer, so scripting isn’t a new idea for me … but it’s nice to see exactly how to make it work.
    Thanks again, and please keep writing!

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